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Rockwell’s Power Plant Mall and Aimazing Launches the Philippines’ First Digital Christmas Giveaway

Case Study (Metro Manila, Philippines)


  1. The Rockwell team engaged Aimazing to help run a fully digital mall-wide raffle to reward customers for spending at Rockwell’s Power Plant Mall in Manila, Philippines.

  2. The goal was to automate the entire campaign process in order to create a more seamless experience for both backend management staff and shoppers, and be able to attain real-time campaign results data.


Shoppers simply need to spend between Php 1,000 - 3,000 at selected Rockwell locations and stores from 5 Nov 2021 until Jan 31, 2022 and enter their Christmas Raffle code on Rockwell’s loyalty app (The Rockwellist) to stand a chance to win a Land Rover Defender worth more than SGD320,000.


  1. Previously, raffle campaigns required tedious manual steps by both participants and backend mall staff.

    1. Participants with qualifying purchases must manually submit their entries in the mall’s Customer Service Counter.

      1. Long queues and unnecessary waiting time at Customer Service Counters

    2. Mall operators need to set up manpower, logistics, etc in order to collect entries from participants.

      1. Very manual processes of backend validation - checking and verifying entries, resulting in human error and unnecessarily long processes.

      2. Campaign results can only be retrieved after the campaign has ended, after manual processing. No clear visibility of campaign effectiveness throughout campaign period (e.g. no. of conversions into Rockwell’s loyalty app).

      3. Difficult to prevent instances of fraud, since entries into the raffle is fully manual.


  1. Aimazing’s Mall Data Platform allowed Rockwell to automate the entire collection process and focus on better user experiences for consumer campaigns while providing tenants with the highest efficiency and data visibility.


  1. Participants:

    1. Participants simply need to key in the alphanumeric code generated on their receipts into Rockwell’s loyalty app, without having to wait in long queues enrol themselves into the raffle. A seamless shopper experience with reduced hassle and time needed to participate.

  2. Mall operators:

    1. Automated raffle process helps to ease manpower needed for campaign execution, without the need for manual counting and enrolment of participation and manual backend validation.

    2. Eliminated fraud participation and human error

    3. Increased campaign participation rate as ease of participation increases for shoppers (get exact numbers)

    4. Increase in loyalty app acquisition

    5. Able to attain real-time data of campaign performance and ROI - clear visibility of no. of raffle stubs issued, no. of participants, etc.

Aimazing is proud to partner one of the most iconic malls in the Philippines to power the country's first-ever fully digital raffle competition, and help the mall team achieve unprecedented campaign results. Moving forward, we are excited to power many more exciting digital experiences in the mall with our technology, and mall pioneers like Power Plant Mall.

Learn more about what our solution can do for your retail mall here.


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