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Aimazing Partners Philippines' Largest Pharmaceutical Brand To Power FMCG Promotional Campaign

Case Study (Metro Manila, Philippines)


  1. One of the largest Pharmaceutical Brands in the Philippines engaged Aimazing to power their partnership giveaway campaign. They wanted to find a way to automate their giveaways and be able to get clear visibility of their campaign results data.

  2. The goal was to have a seamless campaign execution process for both customers and staff, and get real-time data insights from the campaign process to inform decision making at the management level.


Buy one promotional SKU Item, get one free giveaway prize.


  1. Extremely manual campaigns.

    1. Consumers face long, cumbersome redemption processes when participating in the promotion.

      1. Customers who want to redeem the free giveaway prize have go through a long manual process to obtain the redemption voucher: bring purchase receipt to Customer Service Counter, exchange it for a free giveaway prize, bring the voucher to the partner merchant for redemption.

      2. This results in long waiting times queues at the Customer Service Counter, and creates inertia in campaign participation.

    2. Pharmaceutical Brand is unable to get accurate and real-time data on campaign performance and ROI.

      1. Campaign results had to be manually collated by contacting each Pharmacy outlet holding the promotional SKU item at the end of the campaign. This is a tedious and manual process that is very time consuming.

      2. Different pharmacies have different systems and methods of collecting this data, resulting in slow, inconsistent and oftentimes inaccurate data. This creates unstructured auditing processes for Pharmaceutical Brand.

    3. Pharmacy outlets face limitations in campaign execution due to complicated promotion rules from different FMCG brands.

      1. Cashiers have to take note of different complicated promotion rules and campaign mechanics for the products that they hold (e.g. buy 2 get 1 free for this product, 50% off another product), creating confusion and difficulties in training staff.


  1. Aimazing, alongside partner M2Cash, allows Pharmaceutical Brand to fully digitalise the entire promotion campaign, and automate the issuing and redeeming process for the free giveaway prize.

  2. Voucher issue and redemption data are automatically captured through backend processes when vouchers are generated and printed for Pharmacy stores.


  1. Consumers:

    1. Seamless collection and redemption process. Vouchers are immediately printed and issued when promotional SKU item is purchased, without the need to collect from the Customer Service Counter. Waiting time to receive voucher is eliminated.

  2. Pharmaceutical Brand:

    1. Clear visibility of real-time campaign performance data. Pharmaceutical Brand can easily and quickly get campaign ROI and track real-time collection and redemption rates, informing the marketing team’s decisions.

    2. Seamless collection and redemption process encourages higher campaign participation rates by consumers, improving campaign performance and ROI.

  3. Pharmacy:

    1. Effortless campaign execution without the need for complicated staff training. Cashiers no longer need to take note of individual campaign mechanics for different products, reducing the effort needed to organise promotional campaigns.


We are proud to have helped a large FMCG brand automate and digitalise their giveaway campaign to bring increased ROI, and a more delightful experience for their campaign teams, pharmacy partners as well as customers.

Aimazing helps companies do away with cumbersome campaign mechanics and streamline backend and frontend processes, ultimately allowing campaigns to be run more efficiently and eventually scaled exponentially.

Automation and digitalisation is an extremely crucial step for retailers and FMCG brands of the future, and Aimazing is looking forward to helping more industry players to adopt such technologies to scale. Learn more about what our solution can do for your retail business here.


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