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Careers at Aimazing

Be part of our mission to revolutionise the retail landscape

Xin Yu 1.png
“Aimazing is constantly growing and expanding, so we have to keep challenging ourselves to keep up with the company’s pace. I am constantly fascinated by how every department is so strongly knitted together and how we are always looking out for one another.” 

HR & Finance Manager, Singapore
Tian Xin 1.png
“The environment here is a very supportive and nurturing one. It’s never a dull day in the office - we work hard and also play hard!”


Marketing Executive, Singapore
Kelly 1.png
“Our culture is energetic, goal-oriented, and cohesive. Everyone’s effort is valued and we know how our contribution plays into the bigger picture. This not only gives us a sense of ownership but also motivates us to support one another.”

Backend Engineer, Taiwan
Fergus 1.png
“In Aimazing, I enjoy being submerged in the world of data - constantly innovating and moving forward together with my team to provide the best solution for our clients.”

Customer Experience Specialist, Malaysia
Imran (1).png
“We’re a diverse bunch of people all excited to solve a world-changing problem - connecting and making sense of all the retail data available - something that hasn’t been done before! Most importantly, we do it with a can-do attitude, and a team environment that is fun and supportive.”

Head of Marketing, Singapore


The prospect of working with passionate and like-minded individuals. The chance to challenge yourself and strive for excellence. The Opportunity to redefine the region's retail landscape. If this excites you, then come join our mission to shape the future of data analytics

We take pride in our culture



We believe in prioritising customer needs by getting the right people to solve the right problem at the right time.



We love our work, and are surrounded by people who feel the same way.



We encourage our employees’ share of voice in an open and transparent environment to tap on one another’s talents and skillsets.

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