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Power Plant Mall sees over 40% increase in participants in digital raffle campaign with Aimazing

Rockwell’s mall in Manila was able to gain ground in one month through an enhanced mall loyalty program with Aimazing retail-tech platform

Shopping malls are ramping up their shopper campaigns and relying on mall loyalty rewards and programs to increase consumer spending, drive repeat visits and yield valuable data. With demand for loyalty offerings growing exponentially throughout the pandemic, Rockwell’s Power Plant Mall in Manila, Philippines worked with Aimazing, the preferred retail data platform for mall management to increase customer trust and engagement.

The digital mall raffle campaign ran until 31st January 2022 where customers stood a chance to win a Land Rover Defender worth Php 6.5 million on Rockwell’s loyalty app while shopping on the go. There was a significant increase in the number of sign-ups as compared to the 2020 Christmas Car Raffle — a 44% increase in the number of customers who joined, in just 30 days.

Rockwell’s Power Plant Mall was able to engage these customers with targeted, personalized offers that drove higher frequency and satisfaction which resulted in no queues, no physical forms or wait times, and more time spent shopping and dining.

Let’s hear out what they felt about the whole digital experience!

“Retail has changed drastically in the last two years and Rockwell’s Power Plant Mall is on track to create truly memorable experiences that represent the future of retail in the region. Consumers have learned to use the rewards program and expect digital experiences and promotions to find the best big-ticket items for themselves,” said Jun Ting, Chief Executive Officer of Aimazing.

“The opportunity ahead is still to continue to leverage all of this data to truly have one-on-one customer interaction, and we are confident that the loyalty app will become an even greater driver of sales in the future,” he added.

Southeast Asia will be propelling the retail industry and generating about three-quarters of global growth. According to Forrester, online retail in Southeast Asia is forecast to reach US$143 billion in 2025, indicating room for growth for shopping malls to deliver customized and integrated mobile solutions to capitalize on this momentum.

“We are excited to bring more innovations to the retail industry in the Philippines and transform the way customers experience a digital raffle campaign. Our team was focused on putting customers’ needs first and we wanted to bring about unique retail experiences that will reward them and provide the much-needed boost to enjoy shopping post-pandemic,” said Tracey Castillo, Vice President for Marketing, Rockwell Land Corporation. “The enhanced omnichannel approach has been vital for our mall experiences and we look forward to pushing Aimazing’s technology on all our annual raffle campaigns.”

Some of the notable tenants who participated in the campaign include fast-food chains such as McDonald’s, KFC, and brands such as Uniqlo, Zara, MUJI, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Coach, Levi’s among others global brands.

With approximately 70% of customers wanting mobile-first and unified omnichannel experiences in 2022 according to Aimazing’s latest research, the future of retail will include mall-wide digital giveaways, physical live 11.11 events, and seamless customer experiences, such as instant earn-and-burn for mall loyalty points and instant carpark redemption.

Aimazing will provide Rockwell end-to-end engagement and access to tools and important data to better understand and engage with shoppers by sending highly personalized offers all through a single app. In the next few months, Rockwell and Aimazing are in the midst of rolling out a similar solution to another mall in the Philippines. As part of its long-term collaboration with Rockwell, Aimazing will be introducing a larger reward program that will scale its offerings to its customers to encourage repeat and regular purchases.


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