Collect offline transaction data from existing POS terminals


Itemised data from receipts

Our solution captures all itemised data on every receipt generated at your existing POS terminals. We process the collected data and feed into your workflow.

Quick and simple set up at your POS terminals

Install the AImazing Device between Point of Sale terminal and receipt printer. Our solution is

low cost compared to integrations.

Parsed data delivered straight to your system

You receive clean itemised data in requested formats. The data is updated in real-time as each transaction happens.

Merchant Name    Receipt ID   SKUs (items)   Total Amount   GST   Payment Method  ...

We assist you along the journey

We offer continuous technical support. This helps you to adopt our solution with minimal additional human resources, and with confidence.

Beyond collecting data

We help improve the efficiency of your current workflows by offering solutions to leverage the data generated at your POS terminals. We work with you to come up with features that motivate merchants to adopt the solution.


Automated report generation and intuitive insights

Save time for your valuable work when you can get reports and insights in a few clicks


customers buy $30 worth of shampoo A or soap B

print out a $3 voucher for candy C 



Voucher No: 19-200-000193


Thank you for shopping with us.

Terms and conditions


Receipt No: 19-200-000193

71 Ayer Rajah Crescent SG 


Counter No. 02-01

5 Shampoo A          6.90  2 Pck Inst Noodle   20.00


Subtotal:    74.50

Discount:    0


Total:  74.50

Voucher Printing & Remote Printing

Vouchers or custom prints can be printed in real-time as a receipt is printed. You get to choose what conditions need to be met and what will appear on the extra-prints.‚Äč

Designed and Developed for Scalability

We have partners in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and we are still expanding.

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