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“Uplifting Retailer Sales in Malls with Data Insights” with Madalene See | Episode 8

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

In this episode of The Future of Retail Asia Podcast, Madalene See shares her insights with Jun and Imran, tapping on her nearly 20 years of experience working with retailers in the malls. She has worked with brands such as Adidas, Nokia, Motorola, HP, and most recently Bose. In this episode, she discusses the importance of sharing data insights between retailers and mall management to have better, customised campaigns with the consumer as the focus. This will eventually lead to better ROI for both retailers and malls, with consumers getting a better experience as well.

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Episode 8: “Uplifting Retailer Sales in Malls with Data Insights” with Madalene See

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IMRAN: Welcome back to the Future of Retail Asia, my name is Imran.

JUN: And I’m Jun. Today, we have Madalene See, an omni-channel marketing specialist with over 18 years of experience working with renowned brands in APAC, Europe and even in the Middle East. Welcome Madalene.

MADALENE: Thank you very much for getting me onboard. I’m glad to have this time with you guys.

IMRAN: Thanks Madalene. Some of the brands she worked with include adidas, HP, Nokia, Bose on the APAC level playing an active or lead role in Go-To-Market, sales and marketing initiatives, even designing in-store digital experiences and organising the visual merchandising. She also has experience as an educator and consultant with Nanyang Polytechnic, Boston Consulting Group and Lithan Academy.

JUN: Yeah exactly, and I feel it’s very good to have you on our podcast, because you are actually our first guest from the retail side, and we really, really want to show all our audience that we want to cover the whole retail ecosystem, not just for the landlords. With that, I think we want to know more about your experience on developing the digital experiences in stores, can you share with us more about this?

MADALENE: Sure, I think these days from the past, it is just physical retail. But now we have evolved into digital. My recent one is in Bose, where we had really good place, in front of LV Stores, and the best part is our team was very proud of, we didn’t have to pay a rental. But I think there is too few things that they wanted us to have, is the senses. From the sight, the smell, the taste. But for Bose, we can’t taste right? I can only do visual, so we had a launch of Bose frames, basically. And when we were trying to get people engaged, we had a walking trade mount, plus an LCD. But as we actually get people to experience, to walk as if you are down the shopping aisle, in US, in San Francisco, and then how do we enjoy that. And from that, we get consumers to touch base, it’s called on the right hand side, you touch. How do you hear the sounds of the frames, how do I actually answer the phone while walking or in the gym. That is the thing that we have envisioned tha