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“Personalising the Customer Journey in the New Normal with Data” with Prantik Mazumdar | Episode 3

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

In this episode of The Future of Retail Asia, Prantik Mazumdar, Managing Director of CXM Group from dentsu international, shares how data can be used to drive the overall customer experience in the mall. With his background as a marketer and investor, Prantik talks about the recent history of marketing in the retail industry, the steps needed to take for malls to utilise an omni-channel strategy, and even dispenses tips for entrepreneurs on growing their startups.

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Episode 3: “Personalising the Customer Journey in the New Normal with Data” with Prantik Mazumdar

-- Start Transcript --

IMRAN: Hello, welcome back to the third episode of the Future of Retail Asia. I’m Imran.

JUN: And I'm Jun. Joining us today is Prantik Mazumdar, who is currently the Managing Director of Customer Experience Managing Group at Dentsu International. Welcome Prantik.

PRANTIK: Thank you, thank you guys for having me. Really looking forward to this conversation.

IMRAN: Thanks Prantik. Prantik acts as a Digital Transformation Catalyst in organisations to drive change, growth and impact. Actually he started his journey with Happy Marketer in 2011. He spent a decade scaling them up to be one of the most awarded independent digital marketing services firms today, before a successful exit to dentsu international where he is currently still with.

He has also been a regular columnist since 2015, and recognised as one of the top fifty most influential marketers in the world. I could go on but I think we will stop here.

JUN: Fantastic right? Prantik with 10 years experience in marketing, I think this question will be best suited for you. Previously one of our guests asked this question, which is “How different is retail marketing today compared to 5 years ago?” So, what are your thoughts on this?

PRANTIK: I would probably break that down, when you see the five year period, the last year and a half is probably worth a decade, in terms of change and transformation. Even the life before that. Maybe let me start around 2015, 2016, in the context of Singapore or South East Asia. We started seeing a huge amount of demand and change from our retail clients and people that I know in the retail industry who fundamentally start digitising. The words digital and digitising have different meanings and connotations for different people. Back then, what really digitising meant is fundamentally, can I start digital payments? Can I digitise my loyalty programme? Can I even have digital kiosk ordering, that you might have seen inside a Coffee Bean Tea Leaf or in McDonald’s. I think there as a digitisation process, be it their manual loyalty, pay