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Introducing: The Future Of Retail Asia Podcast

Aimazing is excited to present The Future of Retail Asia, a podcast designed for key decision makers in the retail industry to gain valuable insights from experts in the field. Join us as we engage with the top players in the market to bring you rich and comprehensive insights on what lies ahead for the retail industry. Delve deeper into the world of traditional commerce as we explore how the current trends influencing the industry, such as digitalisation and the rise of ecommerce, will evolve further to shape The Future of Retail in Asia.

The Future of Retail Asia, streaming on 28 July 2021 on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. View the trailer and full transcript below. Enjoy!

Episode 0: The Future Of Retail Asia Podcast

-- Start transcript--

IMRAN: Welcome to the Future of Retail Asia. My name is Imran, head of marketing at Aimazing.

JUN: Hi, I'm Jun, the CEO of Aimazing.

IMRAN: And as your host, we'll be discussing everything retail. In depth discussions with industry leaders and experts, discussions that you wouldn't get from these highly edited press releases or outside of closed doors.

JUN: Yeah. I think that's why we want to set up this podcast, right? I think because at Aimazing, we provide retail analytics solutions that enable the mall management and retail businesses to use the data for better business decisions. So just like you, we are invested in the future of the retail industry.

IMRAN: And we do know that the future of retail will evolve. It may seem quite difficult now. People are thinking about surviving, but we do believe that there's a future, it will evolve, and it will be data driven.

JUN: So I think in this podcast, we are focused on one crucial question; is retail still the King? Right. So I think with the rise of ecommerce and COVID 19 restrictions and still in place, the market is so uncertain, right. I think we are going back to the heightened alert again. So we here at Amazing will explore possible solutions that malls and merchants alike can implement in this trying and uncertain period for physical retail spaces.

IMRAN: Yeah. So the team is excited to paint the future for what's ahead for the retail industry in the region, and on the roadmap for retail in Asia, we'll be engaging the top players and stakeholders in the retail industry to provide key insights to what this future can look like for all of us.

JUN: Yep. So regardless of if you are a retailer, mall manager, or just someone who wants to know about how the retail industry can change, I think this podcast will be perfect for you.

IMRAN: So are you excited, Jun?

JUN: Yes, definitely.

IMRAN: Because our first episode will drop next week. We'll be talking to the chairman of the Singapore Business Federation, Mr Lim Ming Yan. Visit us at to find out more, get updates, and we'll see you in the next episode. See you soon!

JUN: See you!

-- End transcript--

Stream The Future of Retail Asia Spotify, Apple Podcasts and YouTube and find out all you need to know about retail now!


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