Voucher Printing

Print vouchers or custom prints based on what your customers buy right at the time they make payment at your store


customer buys $30 worth of shampoo A or soap B

print out a $3 voucher for candy C 


Print after or in place of your receipts

Vouchers or custom prints can be printed in real-time as a receipt is printed. You get to choose what conditions need to be met and what will appear on the extra-prints.

Our solution taps into the omnipresent receipt printing process to open up new opportunities for your business and resource management.

How are we different?

Our solution helps business owners and enterprises that have yet to incorporate automatic voucher issuance or conditional printing into their campaigns.


Their implementations might have been hindered by the high costs of integration or the incompatibility of available solutions. 

If this sounds like you, contact us to learn more about how we can fit into your current business!

Drive Revenue

with Instant Rewards

Incentivise customers to return to your store by issuing vouchers based on what the customer has purchased in a single receipt. You can even limit the number of vouchers per store in one campaign.

No costly integration is needed.

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