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“Before trying out Aimazing’s solution, we couldn’t keep track of our customers and see the results from the discounts we gave. After trying it out, we actually can know this important data, and we can do a lot of helpful promotions with it.”

Jack Phua, Owner & Manager

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Naga Imo

“An easy-to use, idiot-proof solution. Everything is well-explained by the team. It’s a really good help for our business - many of our customers are very interested in the solution, with a lot of them leaving positive feedback.”

Bernard Teo, Owner

Seoul Shiok

“You guys have a very good tech support team - very easy to work with and very helpful. This solution is also really good in helping us track our customer retention rates.”

Cheryl Sou, Co-Founder

Salaam Bombay

“It’s the service levels and the relationship built between the Aimazing team and us. Essentially, it goes hand-in-hand with everything else we do. For all the restaurants that have not tried Aimazing’s solution, please go ahead and sign up - it is really beneficial!”

Melwin & Harriet, Co-Owners

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“We’ve been getting a lot of return customers after using Aimazing’s program. Almost half of them will buy something else on the same day to redeem the Cashback. The technology is also easy to use, fuss-free, and not much of a hassle. We call ourselves the online and offline retail platform, and our customers still love the offline shopping experience. So it’s important to have a Cashback program to cater to them.”

Shereen, Operations Manager

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The Milky Way

“Aimazing’s Solution has helped us achieve a higher level of customer interaction and stronger customer engagement for our cafe. This has led us to bring in more regular customers that come to our store at least once a month, adding to additional sales. It has been a great experience so far, with the solution being very easy to use and implement in my store. “

Terence, Owner

Myo Restobar

“We are not very techy, but your team is very good. You worked together with my colleagues, and taught us how to use the solution. From the reports, our ROI is actually around 23x of what we put in!”

Ng Kia Jin & Peter Chia, Co-Owners

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