If you're a retail store owner trying to get more customers and sales during the most difficult crisis of your lifetime, read on ⬇️
Increase Your Store’s Revenue From Loyal Customers

Proven ROI
(2021 average)

No commission.
No website.
No ad spend.
No POS integration.

Aimazing's Stay Steady Fund: $1,000 subsidy per outlet
(includes zero risk-free trial, complimentary setup and device, and add-on marketing features )
(1st 500 SMEs only, ends 14 July 2021)
Don’t Believe Us.
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Why is customer loyalty important?

Did you know it costs 5x more to acquire a new customer compared to an existing customer? The existing customer even spends 31% more on average!

How much Return On Investment are you getting from marketing to customers today?

Most SME owners don’t know - and that’s the problem. What they end up doing is spending thousands and thousands of dollars, and tons of time and effort on things that never bring in revenue and ROI, but instead lose their money and precious time. This is where we come in.

Introducing: The Aimazing Marketing Loyalty Platform

The Aimazing's Marketing Loyalty Platform plugs into your business without any additional work,
manpower or technical integrations needed. 

Make payment as per usual.

Scan the QR code at the bottom of the receipt.

Cashback will then be collected.

Tap 'Redeem Cashback' on Facebook Messenger to redeem!


Aimazing’s patented In-Store Device

Built with over 5 years of development and talking to hundreds of merchants, compatible with almost any POS system.


Built on Facebook Messenger

(Where all your customers already are!), this device issues cashback to your customers and sends them automated notifications when the cashback is expiring, making them return to your store again and again.

Build up Customer Database

As you build up your own customer database and revenue without any website, ads, app or technical integrations, you can access your merchant dashboard to celebrate your ROI achievement.

You even get (bonus) insights about your business, like how to target people just like your loyal customers on Facebook, and how you are performing versus the industry benchmark, so you can continually improve.

Gain Business Insights

What does the Stay Steady Fund entail,
and how does that help your business?

A chance for your business to try out a solution that’s loved by over 1,000 merchants just like you. Completely free of charge, until 14 July 2021 only.
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What is the application process?

If you are:

An F&B or Retail business owner with at least 1 physical outlet in Singapore, and;

You’re open to exploring a tried & tested solution that can help you overcome the challenges your business is currently facing,

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Three simple steps are all it takes to get your hands on the Stay Steady Fund.

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Claim your 2 month free trial now!

(1st 500 SMEs only, ends 14 July 2021)
Know someone that'll benefit from this? Let us know, by filling up this form! We'll be in touch with them.

Frequently asked questions

As an applicant, what will I get?

A support package worth SGD1,000 per outlet.

How soon after my application will I get the support?

  • Due to an overwhelming response, the team aims to get in touch with applicants within 3-5 working days.
  • After your application has been approved, you will be able to launch within 14 days.

If I have multiple outlets, how many of my outlets are eligible for this support?

  • Aimazing has opened slots for 500 Outlets within this scheme, as long as the number of outlets of your brand falls within the limited slots, all outlets will be eligible.
  • Eg: 5 Outlets x SGD$1,000 = SGD$5,000 in support

How do I apply?

  • You will receive a confirmation on your eligibility within 3-5 working days from the submission of your application.

Where does the money for this fund come from?

As offline merchants are a crucial part of Aimazing’s business, we have decided to take the funds out of our Operating Budget of 2021 to support this initiative.

How long is this support package valid for?

The application deadline for this support package will end on 30th June 2021.

Can I apply if my business is not based in Singapore?

  • The Stay Steady Fund is for businesses based in Singapore. However, our regional offices are working on a separate support scheme for merchants there.

Will there be any upfront fees for this support package?

No, there will be no upfront fees required for this support package.

Can I apply for this on top of other Government grants?

Yes, you will be able to apply for the Stay Steady Fund on top of existing government grants.