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The Ultimate Guide To Social Media Marketing For Restaurants

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Social media has become an essential marketing tool for small businesses and big companies alike.

As of January 2021, nearly five million Singaporeans use social media every day. Some of the biggest social media platforms in Singapore include YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, platforms such as Tiktok are gaining popularity amongst business owners who are trying to build more brand awareness. With the amount of user traffic these social media platforms receive now, there are plenty of opportunities for people to discover your brand.

This then begs the question - how can you utilise social media to improve your business? Social media marketing campaigns are a great place to start! A social media campaign is an organised marketing effort that promotes a product, service, or business through social media.

An example of a social media campaign that we can look at is Tiffany & Co’s collaboration with Tiong Bahru Bakery in 2018. Customers were encouraged to take to social media with the hashtags #tiffanypaperflowers and #tiongbahrubakery, along with pictures of the bakery’s coffee carts decked in the signature Tiffany blue. In exchange, these customers got a free croissant and coffee. As a result, Instagram was flooded with photos of people posing outside the cafe, with the eye-catching Tiffany blue coffee carts in the background. This not only helped to increase awareness of the cafe, it also helped Tiffany & Co spread the news of the launch of their new collection.

Successful social media campaigns will get people talking about your brand, resulting in great benefits such as:

  • Increased brand awareness and recognition

  • Opportunities to promote special product launches

  • Avenues to gather feedback and sentiments from customers about your brand

We’ve come up with a step-by-step guide that can help you plan your next social media campaign more effectively, in order to help your business grow. Read on to find out more!

Creating your next social media campaign: A step-by-step guide.

1. Select and analyse your target audience