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Phase 2 Heightened Alert: Aimazing's #ReachYourCustomers Campaign

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

When Phase 2 Heightened Alert was first announced on the 14th of May, F&B outlets flew into a frenzy in light of the new restrictions which prohibited dine-in options and limited group sizes to 2 pax.

Expecting that the businesses of our valued merchants would face a severe drop, we here at Aimazing held an emergency meeting following the announcement. We wanted to develop a simple yet effective solution to lessen the impact of the new regulations and extend as much help as possible to these F&B outlets.

Photo taken from: Aimazing

Given the flurry of events, our team felt it was absolutely necessary to strategise quickly and efficiently for a solution that would allow our merchants to remain competitive and optimistic despite the newfound levels of uncertainty. We thus dedicated ourselves to putting in the effort and vigor necessary to create a plan of action to meet these objectives.

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As F&B businesses were once again forced to innovate and explore ways to move their operations online, our team here at Aimazing was doing the same. Our customer success team promptly reached out to each and every one of our merchants to have a personal conversation with them, the purpose of which was to understand their grievances and issues concerning the Heightened Alert and brainstormed for viable solutions.

We knew that our response plan had to be quick and decisive in order to achieve its maximum effect. With these goals in mind, our team got to work the Monday following the implementation of the Heightened Alert. Within 2 days, we had developed a solidified plan for this campaign to provide assistance to our merchants, and spent the next 2 days following that contacting our merchants to finalise the details. The Friday of that very week, our #ReachYourCustomers campaign was officially set in motion after the team worked tirelessly to ensure its smooth launch, a mere 1 week after the Heightened Alert was announced.

Aimazing's #ReachYourCustomers Campaign Details

The campaign offered our merchants a free One-Time Broadcast Message featuring a discount voucher for their customers that expires on 16th June, to encourage them to do takeaways. Most importantly, the #ReachYourCustomers campaign kept merchants’ interests at heart as the success and adaptability of their business remained at the forefront of our plans.

This campaign exemplified how our merchants can tap on their existing reachable customer database, and showed the importance of cultivating customer loyalty for a business. The vouchers aimed to help our merchants leverage our solution to bring customers back to their stores once the dine-in restrictions were lifted, in order to set them on track with post-COVID recovery.

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As of 2 June, we have 60 merchants and counting on board with our #ReachYourCustomers campaign since its launch. We are thus incredibly heartened by the response of our partners to this campaign and the fact that they were able to see the value of our campaign and how it could benefit them.

We worked diligently with our merchants’ best interest in mind to ensure that we would be able to provide as much support as possible to our merchants throughout this challenging period.

Photo taken from: Freepik

Last year was tough for many of our merchants, as well as for our team here at Aimazing. However, we made it through the issues by working together and maintaining a close and personal relationship with our merchants, building a level of trust and understanding with each other.

As we learnt from our past experiences, we are now better equipped to handle challenges and help our partners wherever necessary to the best of our ability. We ultimately hope that this experience endows us with a greater set of skills that will allow us to overcome the next crisis together with our merchants just as efficiently.

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