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How Foreword Coffee Drove Increased Engagement with AImazing

Updated: Mar 9, 2022


Foreword Coffee Roasters serves specialty coffee from Asia, while training and hiring persons with disabilities and special needs in their coffee kiosks. Started in 2017 as a hole-in-a-wall café in the National University of Singapore, it has grown to a company offering a range of products and services, while growing the number of café outlets serving specialty coffee in Singapore.


No one was spared during Covid-19. Foreword Coffee Roasters saw a decrease in physical footfall, especially at its Temasek Shophouse located at Dhoby Ghaut. With people encouraged to stay home and work remotely, how is Foreword Coffee Roasters going to attract customers?

AImazing’s Solution

Easy, Convenient and Fuss-free

The installation process with AImazing was a breeze and interruption to their POS system was kept to a minimal. Over a short span of 2-3 days of installation and troubleshoot, the process was completed. Foreword Coffee Roasters’ POS system now runs flawlessly.

“Yi Kai and Amanda were very prompt in replying to our queries,” said Ms Grace Neo of Foreword Coffee Roasters, her response on their working relationship with AImazing.

“It was straightforward, smooth sailing and quick. A dummy account was even used for the test run,” said Ms Grace Neo when asked about AImazing’s set-up process. AImazing tries its best to prevent any hiccups from occurring, therefore it took all measures during the set-up process.

“Of course there were minor hiccups at the beginning, but they were solved immediately thanks to the AImazing team who’s been working very closely with us,” said Ms Grace Neo.

*Dummy accounts are used for all test runs to show our clients how their customer journey will be.

A breakthrough with unexpected results

It is a 2020 Covid-19 year which called for a shift for marketing strategies. This is the first time Foreword Coffee Roasters has rolled out a campaign to bring people offline. Usually it’s about bringing people online. However, currently, it’s bringing them offline to the stores.

“We didn't expect such great results, especially since this is the first time. The campaign has been pretty successful so far,” said Ms Grace Neo.

Digitalisation and Personalisation

Foreword Coffee Roasters has tried many other promotional platforms but didn’t find any that could help them collect customer data. Customer data is essential for businesses to increase engagement and build customer relationships. One example would be addressing the first names of customers when they interact with website bots.

“This was a good idea, people were enticed. Even though it was automated, people reacted to it because of the use of their first names,” said Ms Grace Neo. AImazing is still looking into this, thinking about how to bring personalisation to an even greater level.

“AImazing’s technology helps to provide valuable insights into customer data, allowing us to customise and personalise our customers’ user journey”

Why was AImazing the one they decided to work with?

During trying times like this, Foreword Coffee Roasters realised that digitalisation is the key to keeping one’s business afloat. The need to go online while maintaining offline traffic is crucial and AImazing is able to do both.

With the ever-changing and improving digital landscape, AImazing’s leading position as a tech company and ability to allow businesses to 'go smart' sealed the deal.

“We’ve not met another company that has provided the service of transforming online to offline customers,” Ms Grace Neo, on why Foreword Coffee decided to onboard with AImazing.

Golden advice for all F&B companies

According to Ms Grace Neo, a business should always stay focused on its long term goals and missions. Businesses should also look on how to constantly improve their operations and seek upgrades because of how fast the digital landscape and current situation change the way people do business.

“Don’t be afraid to roll out promotions because this is for the long term. You need to stand out, especially during this period. We’re thankful that AImazing has helped us through this,” said Ms Grace Neo.

Companies who are interested to know about what AImazing does can go to our website to find out more or look up our Facebook page to know more.

Want to know more about our solution and how you can increase your store's engagement? Reach us here!

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