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Aimazing’s #StaySteadyFund: Everything You Need to Know About it

As we recover from the effects of Phase 2 Heightened Alert that was implemented on 16th May, our local F&B and retail outlets have undoubtedly been hit the hardest as the new restrictions inevitably change the way they run their business.

As a result of the added restrictions, these merchants are now forced to explore digitalisation solutions while responding to a lower footfall and reduced business. However, this has proven to be a difficult task as many merchants are spending more on marketing efforts but unable to see results, seeing fewer returning customers, or are generally unsure of how to attract customers.

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In light of this, the government implemented support schemes and packages to help local businesses deal with the effects of the pandemic. However, our team at Aimazing also recognised the importance of extending as much support as possible to our local businesses and felt we could do more to help.

Hence, we set up the Stay Steady Fund to offer support during this challenging period as a response to Singapore’s Phase 2 Heightened Alert restrictions. This comes as part of our efforts to lend assistance to more F&B and retail outlets following our #ReachYourCustomers campaign which was rolled out on the 19th of May.

Under the Stay Steady Fund, Aimazing has pledged a support package worth SGD $500,000 from our Operating Budget of 2021 to help 500 SME outlets. Eligible businesses will receive a support package of $1,000 per physical outlet.

To be eligible for the fund, businesses simply need to be an F&B or retail business owner with a physical store based in Singapore. Currently, our main target support group is businesses that have been negatively impacted by the pandemic.

Our team here at Aimazing created the Stay Steady Fund with a strong belief that it will help our valued merchants tide through this difficult time. We also hope that merchants will be able to use this time to leverage on the power of technology and digitize in order to create a more resilient business.

The fund aims to provide exposure for business owners who have little experience on reaching out to or engaging customers. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity for businesses to implement a comprehensive response plan that will allow them to (i) manage their own customer database, (ii) enhance their marketing strategies, (iii) generate more loyal customers, and (iv) gather insights on their customers.

(i) Allows businesses to manage their own customer database

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With the package implemented, businesses will be able to gain access to their own customer base without relying on other platforms. This added autonomy will help them acquire knowledge and insights on who their customers are, their preferences, spending patterns, and gain opportunities to reach out to them at any time.

(ii) Helps businesses enhance their marketing strategies

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Our Stay Steady Fund will also help businesses save valuable time, money, and resources on marketing campaigns as our loyalty program allows them to attract both new and returning customers back to their stores. Aimazing has developed the only loyalty program that allows merchants to engage with their existing customers while attracting new ones as customers are incentivized to return to the outlet.

(iii) Helps businesses to generate more loyal customers

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As businesses start to understand consumer trends and preferences with our campaign, they can extend personalised messages to them and start to earn their trust. This will allow merchants to extend exclusive rewards directly to their customer base and keep them coming back.

(iv) Allows businesses to gather insights on their customers

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We also aim to help businesses track their growth and view key information such as customer spending habits and number of returning customers. These insights are important to help merchants align their sales and marketing efforts to better reach their customers and develop more effective strategies.

The entire application process for the Stay Steady Fund is a quick and easy one as we work to ensure all merchants receive their support package as soon as possible.

Step 1: Apply for our #StaySteadyFund

Merchants simply need to head over to our website to fill in the application form. Aimazing is currently opening up applications and nominations for this fund to extend our reach to both business owners and those who know a merchant who would benefit from the fund.

Step 2: Receive the application outcome

Our team aims to get in touch with all applicants and nominators with regards to the outcome of their application within 3 to 5 working days.

Step 3: Onboarding

Businesses will get their devices installed within the next 7 days and we will bring them through a mini workshop to develop familiarity and understanding on our loyalty program and the campaigns they will be launching.

Step 4: Ready for launch

Within 14 days, devices and workshops will be set up and the businesses will be set and ready to embark on their digitalisation journey. Two weeks from the start of their application process is all it takes for merchants to increase return customers and build a more resilient business with Aimazing!

We are glad to have helped several merchants who have given us enthusiastic feedback and glowing testimonials on how Aimazing has allowed them to digitalise their business and attract customers despite the added restrictions. Hear from Melwin & Harriet, Co-Owners of Salaam Bombay, on how we have not only helped them tide through this challenging period, but also how it has helped them strengthen their business amidst the uncertainty and doubt.

As our team here at Aimazing work towards ensuring the continued success of our local F&B and retail businesses and continue to develop support campaigns, we are incredibly grateful for those who have supported us along the way.

Check your eligibility for the fund today!

Let us help you with our Stay Steady Fund and create a stronger business together. If you feel like Aimazing can help you add value to your business, email us at or drop us a call at 9775 1130 to check your eligibility for the fund. Alternatively, you can apply directly on our website. Don’t miss this opportunity to get a two week free trial with us and explore the many other benefits that Aimazing can give to your business. We look forward to hearing from you!

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