Harness the power

of your data

Enhance operational and marketing efficiency

Monitor store traffic
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Void/ Discount receipts
Manage multiple outlets
Employee management
Sales trend reports
Item sales ranking
Financial forecast

Smoother operations. Fewer man-hours.

Know your peak hours.
Optimise staff allocation according to busy periods to cut back on unnecessary labour costs. Predict hourly store traffic to gauge the best time to roll store promotions.
Manage multiple outlets efficiently.
Compare the sales performance of all outlets at a glance. Monitor each outlet's progress towards individual sales targets to identify under-performing outlets.
Understand total sales for each item across outlets. Categorise total revenue by payment methods to facilitate quicker accounting
Identify sales discrepancies immediately to prevent accounting hassles.
Access void and open receipts.
Let your data drive your marketing.
Motivate your team with fair rewards.
Track individual employees' sales performances at a glance to facilitate fair reward systems 
Grow your business with real-time, insightful reports.
Generate and export various reports in popular formats and input the data into your existing accounting software in seconds. 
Compare the sales performance of different SKUs to assess business performance. 
View sales trends across customizable periods at a glance to identify purchase patterns. 
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Unit Price
Understand what your customers love about you.
Evaluate your business strategies with SKU comparisons. Identify best (and worst) selling items to understand customer purchasing patterns 
Use your data on sales performance to develop targeted marketing strategies based on time periods, average footfall and revenue. 
Item/ SKU
Accurate, data-driven predictions of sales revenue.
Project your revenue based on current customer purchasing habits. Estimate the likelihood of meeting sales targets and view automatic adjustments to sales targets each day. 
Use cross-selling to power your business
Identify products frequently purchased together to encourage customer spending. Use this data to modify store layout or roll out product bundling strategies.

Generate impactful business insights with a few clicks 

Our product is complemented by an interactive dashboard that helps you uncover hidden actionable insights for your business. Unleash your business potential by spotting trends, discovering opportunities, and making data-driven decisions with confidence.