Common method of practice now: Usage of Manual Receipts.
Sample of the Digital Receipts generated.

Digital Receipts allows extraction of receipt data from

efficiently and automatically.

Our Features

Digital Receipts are easy to implement.

Easy To Use

Simply plug the Aimazing device into existing POS system to begin implementing our digital receipts .

CRM compatible.

CRM Software Compatible

Fully compatible with your current CRM software or provider.

Digital Receipts are generated automatically. There is no need for manual inputting.

Fully Automated​

Digitization processes are all done by the Aimazing device. Cashiers do not have to manually enter anything. Hence, this help businesses save time and cost.

Real-time data are collected.

Real-time Data

Enjoy real-time responses on your receipt data through Aimazing system.

Banks & Mobile Wallets

By implementing the digital receipts, banks & mobile wallets can now have more insights into what exactly customers are purchasing offline. Hence, this allows banks & mobile wallets to understand their customer’s life station to offer better products and services and provide an elaborate customer journey experience for each individual. 

Thus, instead of sending mass notifications on certain brand promotions and sales which may lead to customer dissatisfaction and wasted advertising, promotion notifications are only sent to relevant customers for a more targeted experience.

Aimazing's application with a sample of the digital receipt generated.
SKU Data tracker

Shopping Malls and Retailers

As shopping malls and retailers strive to provide improved services to customers, customer data is more crucial than ever for them to really know what stores are attracting customer traffic and what their pool of customers prefer in the malls.

By digitizing receipt data for the shopping mall and retailers, it can get a clearer picture of what products are popular among its customer. Hence, this can help the malls and retailers to streamline their services and products for more specific customer segments. Ultimately, providing an opportunity for shopping malls and retailers to gain greater overall revenue.

Digital Receipts

Digitize and track your daily using transactions with SKU level data.
Automate and save costs on receipt data entry. Delve deeper into customer analytics with Aimazing.