Uncertain of what marketing strategy to deploy? Start using Digital Receipts now! Digital Receipts can provide a flawless consumer experience and provide a robust retail marketing strategy. In this post, we will discuss the benefits of digital receipts for both consumers and the business.

First and foremost, digital receipts decrease the chances that customers will lose their receipts, allowing them to retrieve copies easily and efficiently. This provides customers with a seamless shopping experience.

Secondly, digital receipts provide companies an easy way for a physical retailer to build an email list. When offering a digital receipts, it seems intuitive that customers need to make their email known to retailers. This provide a clear and immediate return on the customers’ data share. This also decreases the chances that customers will share a fake email address with retailers, decreasing money spent on wasted advertising. For instance, in UK, 45% of the shoppers want their receipts mailed to them. While 45% may not seem a substantial percentage, in absolute numbers, the amount of data shared is actually a lot.

Thirdly, digital receipts can help companies spread awareness of their website. According to statistics, an e-receipts may be one of the most frequently opened email for businesses. A higher engagement rate can provide customers with a perfect platform to spread specific information to certain customers, increasing click-through-rates to the website. From there, customers can learn of additional programs and facilities the company provide, increasing sales for the business.

Lastly, social media platforms of the companies can be included in the e-receipt. Through a simple click, customers can provide reviews and feedback easily. This helps spread awareness of the company through positive reviews on the social media.

In conclusion, digital receipts can help propel businesses to a greater height, benefiting not only the customers, but also the retailers.

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