Personalised experience has become a hot topic nowadays, with many businesses investing in advanced technology to help provide customers with a more wholesome and unique shopping experience. However, according to Straits times, there still are many improvements that can be made in Singapore on providing personalized shopping experiences for customers.

According to survey findings, on average, 7% of customers express some form of frustration if their shopping experiences were impersonal. As such, they are less willing to spend. Therefore, to help businesses boost their revenue, there is a need to provide personalised shopping experiences for customers.

An example of a company that did well in providing personalised shopping experiences is Ralph Lauren. The company has installed interactive mirrors that recognise the clothes that customers hold, as well as available colours and sizes, while also controlling the lighting in fitting rooms to show how the items look in different settings.

While there are many companies trying to innovate and develop new technology, there seems to be concerns raised by some corporations. Known to be a small country, it may be unprofitable for businesses to innovate in Singapore. To address that, there has been many subsidies given by government to encourage businesses to develop their technology, and for example, provide more experiential shopping experiences.

An example of a local business that provided a more experiential shopping experience is local furniture firm Commune. Shoppers can use its 3-dimensional floor planner and virtual reality simulation to recreate their home and visualise how the furniture will fit inside it. The innovation has helped enhanced customers’ retail experiences and provided greater assurance, driving greater sales for the company.

In conclusion, with the advancements in technologies, it is important that retail businesses in Singapore keep up with the changes in technologies, innovating themselves or sourcing other companies’ technologies.

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