The Singapore Fintech startup, Aimazing, is set to change its logo to better relate to the technology it is promoting.

As supposed to the original logo, which is named Aimazing and have white words on orange background, the company aims to retain its original colours while changing the words used slightly. Below are images to show the logos before and after the change.

Aimazing logo
Aimazing's Old Logo
Aimazing New Logo
Aimazing's New Logo

The new logo would read “AI-mazing”, signifying Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology is amazing. This change allows the company to better relate to its customers that AI are used in its operations.

Aimazing is a company that strongly believe in the use of big data and AI to increase business efficiency as greater precision and accuracy can be achieved. Therefore, the change in logo can better convey its beliefs and vision. We understand that the change in logo can bring about many inconveniences for our partners, and we sincerely apologise for that. However, we feel that the change in logo is needed to better convey the company’s vision. Additionally, the change in logo can signify growth, development and evolution, which is extremely important in the competitive business environment.

Therefore, after much deliberation, the company is taking on the new logo as of 2nd July 2018.

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