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Aimazing is the solution for you!

"Aimazing's loyalty rewards program helps our clients carry out precision marketing, reaching out to specific consumer segments, based on their buying patterns. "
Jun Ting
Jun Ting

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Membership status for returning customers when businesses are under our loyalty programs.


Build a strong community of customers with perks all year round.

Loyalty Points for customers

Loyalty Rewards Program

Convert customer expenses into real-time rewards and perks immediately. For example, loyalty points, which they can redeem.

Referral in our loyalty programs


Reward your customers when they refer their friends and family.


Mobile Customer Surveys

Deliver surveys to customers immediately after purchasing and analyzing customer data.

Customer Profile

Customer Profiles and Track Purchases

Know more about who is visiting your stores and what they are buying.

Customer Profile

Retargeting and Marketing

Using in-depth consumer data, targeted marketing can be carried out, helping businesses increase their consumer base.

Convenience provided by Facebook Messenger

Communication between devices is linked through Facebook Messenger, customers DO NOT HAVE to download additional APPs on their phones! 

Facebook messenger software.
Aimazing's loyalty program allow precise marketing campaigns to be carried out on specific targeted consumer segments.

According to statistics, targeted advertising is twice as effective as un-targeted advertising.

Using customer profiles together with individual purchase data, Aimazing allows you to create precise marketing campaigns for specific customer segments you want to target.

Profitability Tracking

View all your sales campaigns, purchase trends and see real-time updates on how consumers are reacting to them. Track your successes and profitability, all with Aimazing! 

Tracking Campaigns
Sample of the dashboard design

All-In-One Platform

See what your customers are buying, what’s popular among them and their preferences, everything on a single site, increasing operating efficiency. 

Accessible Everywhere

View your campaigns and track your sales anywhere you go. All you need is a stable internet connection to the servers!

Loyalty Program is accessible on any everywhere.
Loyalty Program is accessible on any everywhere.

Complete Security

We value your data. All customer and sales data is encrypted on the servers and are only accessible by you and your device platforms. 

Private Data

All customer data recorded is owned solely by you and not shared or pooled among other businesses on the same server platform.

Private Data.

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