Payments Made Easier & Safer With Aimazing

Aimazing's Payment Network integrates mobile wallets & banks to facilitate transactions

Aimazing's Payment Network

Aimazing’s Payment Network functions like most major payment networks. While serving as the bridge between major online merchants and their customers’ mobile wallets or banks, the network ensures that all transactions are secured and authorized. 

Participating merchants can have ease of mind that they will receive prompt payments upon delivery of products.

Aimazing's Payment Network act as a bridge between the e-commerce and mobile wallets/ banks.

Our Features

No additional cards are needed in your wallet with the payment network. This provides convenience for customers.

No cards, No hassle

No additional cards to add in your wallet. Enjoy ease of payment through your own smart phone.

Real-time data are collected.

Instantaneous Approval

Swift and secured approval system on Aimazing's server.

Customers are assured that their data are secure and confidential with the payment network.

Secured Data

All user and transaction information is stored on our secured servers.

There are various means of Payment Networks.

Multi-interface Confirmation

Payment is supported by various means such as QR code, NFC and High frequency sound waves.

Reduced Total Cost with lesser number of transactions using the Payment Network.

Lower Costs

Reduced total costs with less mid-transaction requirements compared to traditional payment networks.

Digital Receipts are easy to implement.

One Integration Process

Integrating with Aimazing's Network servers is all that is required to begin enjoying its services.

Our technology helps your customers connect more with their lives